Pão de Açúcar

Pão de Açúcar

Today we went to Sugar Loaf. It is two mountains in Rio on the coast. We got to both of them by using a cable car. They both has amazing views at the top showing the city, the coastline and Christ the Redeemer. You could see everything, I was queen of the world. Later we went to Copacobana. It was really nice and really busy because it is a Saturday. At night went to a Churrascaria. The waiters come to your table will lots of different meats and you can eat them all. Plus they have all you can eat sushi bar. I was in major heaven!!!


One thought on “Pão de Açúcar

  1. This looks absolutely amazing!!! The photos you chose are always so beautiful. I bet you were glad you didn’t have to hike all the way to the top of this mountain :).

    I don’t know about all you can eat sushi – yuck!! But I do like the idea of all you can eat!!

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